Saturday, October 12, 2013

This is a most inspiring fact

"Yes, good health is our birth-right. This is a most inspiring fact. It means that illness, by whatever name it may be called, is unnatural, therefore is only temporary and can be rectified.

Today, so many people are sick that they wrongly think that to be sick once a while is natural. This is wrong. To be sick, even once, is unnatural. When our cells, glands, tissues, muscles, organs and systems are working naturally -- they way they are meant to work -- we will never be sick.

What causes a person's cells, glands, tissues, muscles, organs or system not working naturally, thus resulting in illness? They fail to function naturally when the energy that works them is blocked. In other words, all illness is caused by energy blockage. This is the single most important fact in traditional Chinese medicine -- the medical and health care system that has supported the biggest population of the world for the longest period of history.

And more important than just overcoming illness, any illness, the chi flow as a result of our chi kung and kungfu practice enables us to wholesomely enjoy life."

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