Friday, May 17, 2013

少林十八羅漢手 Shaolin Eighteen Lohan Hands

雙手托天 Lifting The Sky With Two Hands

左右開弓 Shooting Arrows Left and Right

摘星換斗 Plucking Stars Changing Galaxies

轆轤旋轉 Pulling Tackles Turning Wheels

怒目衝拳 Punching With Angry Eyes

大轉乾坤 Big Turning of the Cosmos

回頭抱月 Looking Back to Carry Moon

攀足固腰 Touching Feet Nourish Kidneys

三盆落地 Three Levels to Ground

仙鶴起舞 Divine Crane Starts Dancing

二郎擔山 Second Son Carries Mountains

羅漢拔刀 Arahat Draws Knife

青龍獻爪 Green Dragon Presents Claws

猛虎推山 Fierce Tiger Pushes Mountains

青龍分水 Green Dragon Separates Water

大風車手 Big Windmill

提踭彎膝 Lift Heels Bend Knees

仙鶴轉膝 Divine Crane Rotates Knees

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