Thursday, April 5, 2012


舉例來說,當我們說,在氣功"理論"中,任何疾病都是氣不通的結果,這樣的"理論"是建立在經驗上. 氣功師父在經過幾百年後,從他們的經驗發現,當人氣不通,就會生病. 他們先有這樣的經驗,才建立"理論".




"It is worthwhile to note the difference regarding theory between Eastern and Western culture. In Eastern culture, a theory is an explanation of what has happened.

For example, when we say in chi kung theory that illness, any illness, is the result of energy blockage, this theory is formulated after experience. Chi kung masters over many centuries discovered from their experience that when people had energy blockage, they became ill. The experience came first, the theory followed.

In Western culture, when we say taking too much sugar will cause diabetes, we formulate a theory that excess sugar causes diabetes. The theory comes first, experience follows. After formulating this theory, we go into the real world to find examples that justify our theory.

I believe that the word "theory" originally meant "explanation", but we have used it so often in place of the word "hypothesis" that we often forget its original meaning."

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