Monday, August 25, 2014

Little Lohan Fist 小羅漢拳

The Lohan Fist was evolved from the Eighteen Lohan Hands by retired generals at the Shaolin Temple, and became the prototype of Shaolin Kungfu. This evolution was not directed or intentional, but spontaneous and haphazard. As there were many martial monks modifying the chi kung exercises of the Eighteen Lohan Hands for their individual martial needs over a long history of time, there were many different versions of the Lohan Fist.

It was recorded in Shaolin classics that originally there were 18 patterns in the initial versions of the Eighteen-Lohan Fist, modified from the 18 patterns of the Eighteen Lohan Hands. But by the time of the Tang Dynasty in the 7th century, many versions of the Lohan Fist had 108 patterns. The original and shorter versions were called Little Lohan Fist, or Xiao Luohanquan" in Chinsee, and the longer versions Great Lohan Fist, or Da Luohanquan".

The Lohan Fist developed into a style by itself, with 10 different sets, conveniently named First Set Lohan Fist, Second Set Lohan Fist, etc. On the other hand, there were also Lohan Fist with special features or from different kungfu styles, like Subduing Dragon Lohan Fist, Taming Tiger Lohan Fist, Big Bell Lohan Fist, White Crane Lohan Fist and Drunken Lohan Fist.

The Little Lohan Fist shown here is created by Grandmaster Wong from his wide and deep understanding and practice of Shaolin Kungfu. Can you tell from which chi kung patterns of the Eighteen Lohan Hands are these Lohan Fist patterns evolved?

Monday, January 13, 2014

3 Levels of Taijiquan Practice: Form, Energy, Mind 太極拳的三種境界: 形氣意

At least 90 percent of Taijiquan practitioners around the world only practice at the level of form. There is no energy flow, even though they may talk about "chi". This situation leads many to regard "chi" as an abstract concept. Even at the form level they don't practice the form correctly. There is no waist and knee rotation; they push their forms to the extreme; and they are not relaxed, often with mouth closed. This also occurs in modern Wushu performance.

Grandmaster Wong demonstrates Taijiquan at all three levels. At the energy level there is also good form and presence of mind. At the mind level, besides good form and flowing energy, the practitioner's mind is very clear. This allows energy and mind to expand beyond the physical body.

Grandmaster Wong uses Dark Dragon Draws Water to Explode Force from the wrist.


Exploding Force: Wild Horse Charges at Stable 發勁: 野馬撞槽

"Wild Horse Charges at Stable" is one of the 72 patterns of Taijiquan and 64 patterns of Baguazhang.

野馬撞槽七十二 式太極拳六十四式八卦掌的一式.