Saturday, December 22, 2012

服用西藥來治療細菌傳染病,通常能得到快且好的效果.至於病毒傳染病,即使西藥無法消滅病毒,但醫師所開的抗生素,卻能幫助患者的免疫系統更快的去對付病毒.然而,對於身體官能的疾病,:癌症, 心血管疾病;以及精神的疾病,:憂鬱症,恐慌症,這些被西醫視為無藥可治的病,尋求氣功療法會是明智的 .畢竟,從氣功的觀點,所有的病都能痊癒.

For diseases where cures are available, like infectious diseases caused by bacteria, Western medical treatment is speedier and usually better.

Even for viral infection, and Western treatment cannot kill viruses, it is better to consult a Western doctor first. By taking antibiotics prescribed by a doctor that kill other micro-organisms, the patient's own defence system will be more efficient in overcoming the viral infection.

But when diseases are considered incurable from the Western medical paradigm, like organic diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular disorders, and psychiatric diseases such as depression and phobia, consulting a chi kung healer or a chi kung teacher is wise, as in the chi kung paradigm every illness can be overcome.

          Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit,
              the "Qigong Master of the Year" at the 2nd World Qigong(Chi Kung) Congress